Where Can Stamps Be Procured?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Along with removing them from your mail, you can also purchase stamps from various dealers and associations. You can find out a lot about stamps by buying catalogues from ‘The Scotts Collection’, where all the stamps are classified and numbered and this method has been adopted by many dealers and stamp collectors to arrange their stamp collection. You too can check out the catalogues. These catalogues are also available through the Internet on sites such as www.amosadvantage.com, and you can check their collection before deciding. There are many other sites and you can use google to search for them. You can also check out your neighborhood library for any books on stamp collecting. You could also become a member of the “American Philatelic Society” which is a non-profit organization providing an umbrella for all stamp lovers to converge in; or you can go to their site www.stamps.org and get all the details you require to start your stamp collection. This society keeps track of all the stamps and informs members about new stamps entering the market. You can collect stamps according to the year or country. You can also have stamps depicting different sports or birds or animals. You can then insert them in your stamp collection book accordingly. You can also collect stamps at random but then you will have to file them according to the country, in ascending order and in each country you can file them according to the year of issue or theme. This will make it easy for you to locate the stamps.

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