I Have Started My Collection

Friday, April 16, 2010

Once you have your own collection of stamps and if your friends too have started collecting them, then you can sit together and check out each other’s collections. You will be surprised at the vast range of stamps, which have been issued around the world. You will also learn some things like “Noyta CCCP” means that the stamp was issued in Russia. This is a fun way to spend time with your friends and even make some new ones. You can then start ‘bartering’ your stamps with your friends. This means that you can exchange your stamp for another one, which you do not have. This will take care of any duplicate stamps, which you might have collected by mistake. Slowly, as you will begin realizing the monetary value of your stamps, you will be able to identify those stamps that have a high value and those which are rare. You can exchange these stamps by offering 2 or 3 less rare stamps in return. You can also start subscribing to various stamp collecting magazines, like the Global Stamp News or the Scott Monthly Journal, which will give you information about rare stamps and also about people who want to trade, or buy or sell stamps. Many people have, in this way turned their hobby into a full-time profession.

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