What Is Stamps?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stamp collecting or Philately as it is also known, is one of the oldest and most respected hobbies. One of the great attributes of stamp collecting is its significance and portrayal of history throughout the world. Many historic stamps tell a story of their creator through the design and image. Prices value wildly from a couple dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, to account for their rarity, condition, and other important factors you will learn about.

As for the current stamp market, there are hundreds of new US and World stamp editions that will take their place in history. Pick the editions which you identify with the most or learn about their availability and value potential for the future. Creating a stamp collection is easy and not very expensive as many new editions cost the same as ordinary stamps.

There are many terrific and free online resources so that you can learn about the history, the different inns and outs of the hobby, useful message boards and online forums where you can talk to other stamp collectors. Also there are several terrific great online stamp buying resources where you can find new and older stamps as well as useful books with stamp values and other information. Hopefully all of these resources with not only get you started but also make you an experienced collector.

Collecting stamps is not only fun, but also increases your knowledge on history and geography even without you realizing it. By looking at a stamp you can understand the year of its existence and the country in which it was printed. Collecting stamps is also a good way of making new friends and for parents it’s a great way of their children getting together without creating a ruckus. Collecting stamps can give you immense pleasure and every stamp collected creates an urge to collect more and it is this thrill of not knowing which stamp might turn up, which makes stamp collecting an interesting hobby. Many children carry over this childhood hobby well into the rest of their lives because it is a hobby without any limitations or boundaries.

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