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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The first child of one brother - There's two half-brother of the mother, all boys but the other one already facing the Almighty (hiks.. Hiks) - and was born in the valley - called Banten headliner!. Off course born in my beautyfull Indonesian Country.

Schools and secondary schools in the Bayah City, including the area near the Houses of Banten. But high school in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten also included. But it tasted Middle Technic School (STM) bench in Cirebon, Kuningan, West Java. Just get five months of study, each sister was asked to move up to high school in Serpong. With a heavy heart (because it was really good schools in the STM) has finally moved also because they sponsor my school.

Not much special about me, after graduating high school in 1996 (should be 1995), I used to work in the area Balaraja still Tangerang region. Get 1.5 years of work prompted again came out and moved into the house. With a heavy heart and a half also finally come home. Though already quite a salary. They say there are still not developments. Let get school again, he said. But to me, could've already bad because at least not for oneself busying again my parents. Because why? School begin there yet (read: college).

Long story short lecture eventually also in 2006, rose've turned 29. Can not imagine actually going to taste school again. Because we do not have intention to go back to school. And it turns out we're getting honed insights, who had only high school sphere, this turns out well college. Finally there are also school spirit again. And until now actually have not finished college, because his final trial delayed because I was late to come to trial. Inevitably have to wait for the new school year, to be able to follow the trial again. Hope you can and pass a scholar, amen ...!!!

And about the blogger, frankly I am still a child onions. Because new to and can make even modest, of the final semester in college. I learned a lot from the seniors who are poor across the world of martial (read: Blog World).

Only that the information about me my friend, thank you for your attention.
I hope everything continues to run smoothly and facilitated by the Almighty in every respect. Amen!

Hail Success of Banten

Thobing Sunarya (Obing)

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