40 thousand Stamps Exhibited in Jakarta

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - philatelic enthusiasts can get the antidote missed. A total of over 40,000 stamps from around the world on display at the JCC Jakarta in Championship events and world philatelic exhibition World Philatelic Exhibition (World Stamp Championship) at 18 to 24 June 2012.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Tifatul Sembiring, on Monday, opened the event was accompanied by Chairman of the Society of philatelists Indonesia, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Soeyono, and President of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie, Tay Peng Hian.

"Indonesia is happy to host the World Stamp Championship in Jakarta. On the other hand it will encourage the Indonesian government's efforts in uplifting the national philatelic side is also evidence of the existence of an international philatelic world," said Sembiring.

The stamp itself Sembiring said, can be used as educational materials for the community because it contains the history, culture, and even technology. He welcomed the arrival of philatelists from all over the world to visit Indonesia to follow and enliven the event.

On that occasion, as many as 2,000 foreign tourists are expected to attend. Meanwhile, the Executive Chairman of the Society of philatelists Indonesia (PFI), Lieutenant General (Ret.) Soeyono, said the event was about 2,500 and about 40,000 pieces of framed stamp collections from around the world on display. In addition a number of special collections including the world's oldest stamp made in 1874 from Mauritius and the world's most expensive stamps costing 2 billion is also on display.

He hopes the exhibition will be one of the attractions for tourists from abroad to come to Indonesia. "We hope this exhibition can bring at least 2,000 participants and supporters, and their families to Indonesia, especially Jakarta," said Soeyono.

Indonesia itself is believed to be the largest philatelic exhibition organizers in the world after going through the bidding process was agreed in Portugal in the 2010 meeting of world philately.

Of that total, 22 of which came from China, Japan, and Australia, 29 of the European federation comprising Britain, France, and Germany, 11 American federation of the United States, Canada, and Brazil, as well as the three federations of Africa namely South Africa , Egypt and Congo.

Earlier, Indonesia has held four exhibitions of the world that is similar to the level of Indopex 93 in Surabaya, Jakarta 95 in Jakarta, Indonesia 96 Bandung, and Jakarta 2008 at Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the President of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie, Tay Peng Hian, said, basically philately is not just a hobby but there is educational value contained in it.

"Philately is not just a hobby, there are lots of things can be extracted. Formerly Philately is the hobby of kings," he said.

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